Claiming Your Listing

The San Jo Dentists directory recognizes the value and effectiveness of accurate dental listings, enabling patients to locate you quickly. That said, a listing must be claimed by the respective dentist before listing details can be adjusted. This process helps to ensure others can't adjust your listing erroneously.


We'll show you how to claim a listing below.


San Jo Dentists Directory Sign In


Regardless if you are a San Jo Dentists member or not, click on "Sign in" from the top menu on the homepage to get started.



San Jo Dentists members, type your email and valid password on the sign-in page and then click "Sign in."


Non-San Jo Dentists members are required to create an account. Click on the "register" button to be redirected. Enter your name, valid email address, and chosen password, then click "Register."



San Jo Dentists Directory Search


Do you know if your listing is present within the thousands of listings on the San Jo Dentists directory? Enter your name into the homepage search box to find out. You can also enter your city to narrow search results.



No listing found? Then, create a new San Jo Dentists listing.


San Jo Dentists Directory Listings


San Jo Dentists will reveal listings that match or closely match the name (and city) you searched. Click on your name to see the complete listing.



San Jo Dentists Directory Listing Claim


This page shows the complete dental listing as it appears on the San Jo Dentists directory. Click on "Claim listing" below your address to continue.



San Jo Dentists Directory Marketing Plan


There are multiple marketing plans possible within the San Jo Dentists directory. Per plan, the available payment options are monthly and annual at a discounted rate. Click on "Select" and choose the best marketing plan for your dental practice.



San Jo Dentists plan Purchase


San Jo Dentists directory collects secure payments via Stripe. After you've confirmed your marketing plan details, click "pay with card."



Please enter your credit card, expiration date, and email. Then, click "Pay" to complete your claim listing request.



San Jo Dentists Request Approval


Administrator confirmation is the final step. A San Jo Dentists administrator will contact you regarding your request, confirming you are the same person as the dentist in the listing.


After approval by the administrator, you can make the necessary adjustments to your San Jo Dentists listing.


Should you encounter issues during the claiming process, feel free to reach out.

The San Jo Dentists team is here to help.