Finding the Right Dentist in San Jose

Finding the Right Dentist - San Jo Dentists


In the San Jose metro area, there are many dentists. When it comes to your health, though, where do you begin your search to find the best Dentist?


Speak With Your Family and Friends


One of the top ways to find a new dentist is word of mouth. A simple referral from family and friends is a great place to start.


If the referred Dentist isn't accepting new patients, your family and friends might still be able to provide feedback about their experiences with their Dentist. They can also suggest a list of specific pros and cons to look for in your search.


Searching for Dentists by word-of-mouth is a good place to start your search. However, this will limit your results to people in your immediate circle.


Review Your Dental Insurer Options


Head to your dental insurance website if you have dental insurance. You are able to review a list of in-network Dentists who are also nearby on your dental insurer's website. This search option can help you save time by eliminating out-of-network options.


Make the Most of the Internet


You can create a much broader search for a Dentist when using the Internet, as opposed to only close family, friends, and your insurer. But where do you start? You can start by looking through a directory of professionals like this one. These directories allow you to narrow your search by licensing and dental specialization.


A professional dental directory can help you find local Dentists, but with much more detail than on your insurer's website. These directories offer enhanced media or links within the dental listings to help you better understand the services and practices. It's essential not to rush through your research. To get a good idea if the Dentist is right for you, take your time and read reviews on multiple sites.


Confirm Dental Credentials


Take your list of potential Dentists and confirm that the state dental board has certified each. You can find the Dentist's license number within the professional directory. Then head to the Dental Board of California website to perform the license search. You will be able to confirm that their license is current and in good standing without any claims.


Visit the Dental Office


After the four previous steps, hopefully, you have narrowed your choices. Next, contact each dental office and schedule a consultation to verify they will be a good fit. Some prefer to have a smaller practice where Dentists can take their time with each patient, while others prefer a fast and efficient office. Scheduling appointments can be difficult if the office hours don't coincide with your availability.


During your office visit, inspect the cleanliness, equipment condition, and friendliness of staff members. Are people relaxed in the waiting room? By taking a step through the front door, you will better understand the practice and if it will work for you.


Feelings About the Dentist


Like other doctors, you'll be more likely to continue with your regular appointments if you feel comfortable with the Dentist you choose. Take a moment to research your options thoroughly.


  • Is the Dentist knowledgeable?
  • Is the Dentist confident?
  • Can you ask questions freely?
  • Does the Dentist address your needs?


These steps will help you get started. However, make sure to ask questions about costs and care before you decide on a Dentist.


Your general well-being is dependent on your dental health. Take your time to properly search and connect with a Dentist who is right for you.


Good luck!